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Apple cider is an alcoholic beverage produced by apples’ fermentation.

Known since 600 B.C. it has had its greatest development in the areas populated by the Celts, and even today the major producers and consumers are England, Ireland and the northwest of France: Normandy and Brittany. However, also Spain and Italy together with Switzerland, Austria and Germany have traditions of cider production.

The varieties of apples used for the production of cider are not the classic table varieties but resemble the wild apple: less sweet, rich in tannins and with a good acidity.

Our apples are 4 varieties coming from Normandy: Douce Moën, Marie Menard, Perit Jaune and St. Martin. They are cultivated in Brisighella in Romagna (Region of Emilia Romagna, North Italy) at an altitude of 400 m above sea level.

Collected strictly by hand, after about a week the apples are washed and ground to obtain a puree that is then pressed into an old press.
The obtained juice is cooled, clarified by decantation and then fermented in steel tank at a controlled temperature. A cider of about 8% vol. is obtained.

After a few months in the cellar, the cider is bottled with the addition of yeasts (Sacharomyces cerevisiae) and sugar for a second natural fermentation in the bottle which also guarantees the bubbles, 9-12 months of maturation on the lees and with disgorgement the yeasts are extracted and the syrup of dosage is added (Dry, or about 30 G/liter).

Color: straw yellow with a fine and elegant perlage.
Bouquet: elegant, fresh and fruity.
Taste: recalls the perfume of apples, pleasantly balanced the acid note that mitigates the residual sugar, aromatic, fruity, fine and persistent as its delicate perlage.
Serving Temperature: 8-10 °C.
Pairings: to drink young as an aperitif, in summer it can be served with ice, also mixed in various cocktails like Spritz and Kir. At lunch it accompanies eggs, pizzas, seafood and fatty meats, it goes well with leavened desserts.

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