This product was born from the dream of Gualberto Ricci Curbastro (1932-2013) and represents the ideal connection between the experiences of the two family companies: Rontana in Romagna and Ricci Curbastro in Franciacorta.
In Rontana we grow apples of old French varieties, while in Franciacorta, we make the cider, the distillation, and the long maturation. Outcome: a spirit resulting from our roots.

Aging: The apple brandy rests for over five years in French oak barriques at the distillation gradation, about 70°, at the end of the maturation it is diluted with water to bring it to 43°, filtered and bottled. After a short period of rest, it is put on sale.
Visual appearance: amber yellow not too intense. The wood stay is limited to five years in order not to lose the characteristic, complex and very delicate, apple aromas.
Odour Exam: fragrant and persistent, a strong aromatic profile rich in nuances.
Taste Exam: velvety, smooth and harmonic, clear the delicate taste of apples
Serving temperature: serve at room temperature in glasses like the balloon that can enhance the aromas.

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